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Bingo Tour:
Your One-Stop Destination for Winning Real Bingo Cash!

Bingo is one of the greatest classic games of all time. But what if you could play bingo online, all while earning Real Cash? Bingo Tour is your one-stop destination for all of your Bingo needs! Play alongside a fluffy troupe of lovable animal companions as you win Real Cash! Bingo Tour's fast-paced gameplay and power-ups stand out from stereotypical bingo games, turning each match into an action-packed experience! Bingo Tour's diverse events also offer other ways to earn real cash! Download for Android or Apple to start winning Bingo Cash today!

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Winning Bingo Strategies

Far from the stuffiness of bingo halls, Bingo Tour's fast-paced gameplay is a non-stop thrill ride that keeps you on your toes! Use these winning strategies below to maximize your earnings! Players with the highest scores will earn the greatest Cash Prizes!


Quickly tap to mark numbers on your Bingo card that appear when balls are called. Each ball will have a letter and number so you know exactly where to daub. Test your reflexes and memory all at once while enjoying seamless gameplay.

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Daub rows, columns, diagonal lines, and the four corners, then tap Bingo to earn loads of points. You'll even earn high scores from daubing entire cards with All-Clear Bingos! Use your strategy to complete as many bingos as possible and secure victory!


Shift into overdrive with exciting power-ups! Daub tiles as fast as you can to fill up the Power-Up Meter. Once the meter is full, you'll be given a Power-Up you can use to earn even more points! Each Power-Up has a different ability. Strategic use of them can give you the advantage!

  • Daub It: Use this diamond to Daub any tile on the board!

  • Gimme More: Select one of several numbers to be called ahead of time!

  • Earn Double: Earn double the points for a short period of time!

Bingo Tour's revolutionary Bingo gameplay requires a sharp eye, a keen mind, and fast reflexes. Use your skills to feel the rush of victory when your name tops the Rankings!

Why Bingo Tour is the Best Bingo Game?

Compete against multiple opponents, earn the top rank, and walk away with Real Cash prizes in Bingo Tour! In skill-based matches, all players have the same conditions when facing off, so there's always a level playing field! With a wide variety of match modes, you can choose the number of players and prize pool for each match you join! Warm up with some free Gem Matches, then enter Cash Matches once you're ready to sweep the competition!

Bingo tour play for free

Buddy up with a delightful ensemble of animal pals in Bingo Tour to explore a variety of fun, rewarding activities! Become a globe-trotting traveler in Passport Puzzler, wield mastery over the gods of fate in Plinko Drop, and reel in live ones in Net Fishing! You'll never run out of ways to have fun—and win real cash—in Bingo Tour! Withdrawing your winnings is fast, secure, and worry-free with trusted partners like PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, and Venmo. Don't delay, download today! Get ready to experience the best mobile Bingo game you'll find anywhere!

More Games to Play!

Avia also offers a wide catalog of other games, each a fusion of classic gameplay and chances to win Real Cash! Enjoy head-to-head bingo gameplay with Bingo Clash, cause bubble-popping mayhem with Bubble Venture, or train your brain with Block-o-lot! With timeless gameplay, secure transactions through trusted partners such as Paypal, and striking visuals, you're bound to find a new favorite game with Avia! Check out more ways to have fun and win big now!

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