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Blockolot: The Classic Block Puzzle Game With a Twist

Do you love Tetris-style puzzles? Blockolot, an all-new block puzzle game, is revolutionizing the genre with its real cash rewards and modern twist! Blockolot's exciting puzzle gameplay delivers a refreshing experience for both genre veterans and new players. Blockolot's mischievous little Block-Critters will guide you on a mesmerizing neon journey that is both addicting and satisfying!

Think ahead and beat the clock to score first place, earning real cash in the process! Plan your next moves and feel the rush of satisfaction as you eliminate several rows at once. Or, place your pieces as fast as possible to stay ahead of the clock! What makes this block puzzle game so great is that it suits every kind of play style. Block games free the mind, so you can explore your creative potential while winning real cash rewards in multiplayer matches. Feel the thrill of victory with Blockolot and enjoy a variety of events hosted by a cuddly cast of cute pets! Download now and experience more ways to earn cash than any other block game! Available on both Apple and Android!

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Blockolot gives a modern aesthetic to classic free block games while preserving the soul of the original puzzle. Strategically place blocks on the grid in a limited time, clearing lines to open up more space and keep the game going. Earn points for each block placed, creating combos to get that block puzzle high score! Outscore your opponents to snag cash rewards!

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Block Game Strategy

Dominate the competition and rake in that cash with these tips:

  • Clear lines with Star Blocks to earn instant cash rewards!

  • Pack the board as tight as possible so that you have plenty of space for upcoming blocks!

  • Earn combos with back-to-back clears, or clearing multiple lines in a single move!

  • Plan ahead! Set yourself up for success at the beginning of the round, and adjust your strategy based on how much time is left!

  • Feel free to experiment! Every player has their own strategy, try new approaches and see what works for you!

High-Score Tips!

Earn Cash With Free Block Puzzle Game!

Blockolot fuses puzzle gameplay and cash rewards, meaning you can earn money while having fun! Compete in multiplayer matches to outmaneuver opponents for cash prizes. Use free Gem Matches to hone your skills, then play in Cash Matches to get those big wins!

Want to play in cash prize pools for free? You can always choose to play cash matches for free by watching ads. Unlike other "free" games that force you to watch constant popups, Blockolot never disrupts your gameplay with ads, so you can focus on winning!

Blockolot's variety of events also makes it stand out from the crowd. Bet on the races in Derby Dash, snag the big one in Net Fishing, or travel the world in Passport Puzzler! Limited-time events like Emerald Race and the Battle Pass offer extra cash rewards, all hosted by a lovable troupe of animal characters. You'll never run out of ways to earn money while playing Blockolot!

Ready to get your block on? Download today and start winning real money!

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