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Solitaire Slam:
The Best Free Solitaire Game Online

Ready for an upgraded classic Solitaire experience? Enjoy the best free Solitaire gameplay while winning real cash with Solitaire Slam! Team up with your adorable companions as you embark on the cash-winning journey of a lifetime.


Think on your toes as you face off against other players and solve decks in record-breaking times to outscore the competition! Solitaire Slam's variety of limited-time events means the fun and ways to win never end! With trusted partners, such as Paypal and Visa, Solitaire Slam is the best app to turn playing quick games into making fast money!

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Solitaire Slam

How to Play Solitaire

In Solitaire Slam, play with Klondike Solitaire rules to solve decks and dominate skill-based matches! Here's a quick refresher on how to play Solitaire:

  • Tableau:

    • Reveal more cards here by sorting the piles in alternating colors (Clubs and Spades are black, Diamonds and Hearts are red) and in descending order (K to A). Earn points for sorting cards!

  • Stock and Waste:

    • Flip through the Stock and draw the top three cards to the Waste. Tap to move the top card from the Waste to the Tableau or Foundation directly. You can cycle through the Stock as many times as you want, but you'll lose some points after the first three times, so do so carefully!

  • Foundation:

    • The main aim of the game is to sort cards in your deck by suit in these four piles, in ascending order (A to K). You'll get a huge bonus if you solve the deck by sorting them all!

  • Ending the Match:

    • Not all decks can be solved! If you find yourself stuck and unable to make any moves, be sure to end the match to max out your time bonus!

Win Money in Free Solitaire Games

Why should you try Solitaire Slam today? In addition to the amazing Solitaire gameplay, Solitaire Slam has the best ways to earn more cash! Solitaire Slam offers a variety of prize pools to choose from, minigames to play, and other ways to earn real cash rewards.


Unlike other free Solitaire games, Solitaire Slam makes sure your winnings are in your control. Want to get the feel for the game first? No problem! You can join Ticket Matches and enter Cash Matches once you're ready to win big! Explore all Solitaire Slam has to offer with the adorable bear, pug, and more characters ready to join you on your path to victory and riches!

Solitaire Slam Win Money

Cash App Download for Rewards

Looking for more Solitaire fun? Team up with a lovable troupe of animal buddies in Solitaire Clash! Or do some island-hopping across time and civilizations in Solitaire Venture! Our games fuse classic gameplay and top-notch graphics with a real cash twist to increase the thrill of each match! We are committed to providing fair and free games for all players, and our trusted partners like Visa and Paypal make Avia the best place to win money while having fun! With games on the Apple and Samsung app stores, the cash app download process is seamless. Find your new favorite game in our catalog and win big today!

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