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Solitaire Venture:
The Best Way to Play Solitaire Online!

Chart a course for classic card-playing fun in the new game Solitaire Venture! Here, your tycoon fox companion will guide you to victory in solitaire matches while earning real cash! Experience a fresh new solitaire online experience, expand your island archipelago into a massive real estate empire, and go toe-to-toe in skill-based matches where the reward is REAL MONEY!


Delve into the beautiful world of Solitaire Venture, and progress through dozens of masterfully-rendered islands by competing in solitaire matches. Immerse yourself in the relaxing rhythm of solitaire matches as you watch your islands grow, defend against raids from other players, and hunt for buried treasure filled with cash! Download Solitaire Venture now, and experience the best solitaire game any app store has to offer!

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Solitaire Venture

Classic Solitaire with Interactive Islands!

Feel the thrill of earning cash with Solitaire Venture's innovative blend of classic solitaire and an exciting progression system. A variety of ways to interact with other players and the neverending island themes make Solitaire Venture unlike any other game you've played! Compete against other players in Build Mode to earn Real Cash, as well as resources to build your island empire! In Treasure Mode, dig for buried treasure filled with surprises rewards you can use to win more real money! Attack other player's landmarks, or defend against strikes in Attack Mode! Attacked by another player when you had your guard down? Get revenge by striking back with Revenge Mode!

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solitaire venture island

Different than other single player card games, each level in Solitaire Venture will take you to completely original destinations, with brand-new themes constantly being released! Sweep back the sands of time and experience civilizations in their hayday, feel a glow of pride as you jaunt through your tycoon empire, and experience a thrill of childlike wonder as you explore new fairytale lands! With your trustworthy fox companion by your side every step of the way, each day is a new marvel in Solitaire Venture! Don't wait, download Solitaire Venture now and experience a solitaire game unlike any other!

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Solitaire Strategy

Enjoy an immersive Klondike Solitaire experience with Solitaire Venture! Dive right in and begin earning real cash with this quick refresher on the rules:

  • Draw and Flip Cards from the Stock and Waste!

    • Tap or drag cards to flip through the deck, 3 cards at a time.

  • Sort Your Cards in the Tableau!

    • Organize your cards here by sorting them in descending order (K to A) and alternating color.

  • Solve the Deck in the Foundation!

    • Place cards in stacks of the same suit in ascending order (A to K).

Earn points for sorting cards in the Tableau, and get a massive completion bonus for placing all cards in the Foundation! With some practice, you'll master the solitaire strategy in no time!

solitaire venture gameplay

Klondike Solitaire High Score Tips

Follow these tips to master free classic solitaire and sweep the competition with ease!

  • The faster you sort the cards, the bigger your Time Bonus!

  • Not all decks can be solved. If you run out of moves, end the match early for a bigger Time Bonus!

  • Think ahead! Plan your moves to uncover cards in the Stock and Tableau that you'll need to keep going.

  • Tap the Undo button to take back a move with no penalty! You can use it once per move.

  • Carefully choose the color of King that can be used to sort more cards when filling an empty Tableau space.

Ready to start stacking cards and cash by playing Klondike Solitaire? Get some practice in with free matches, then test your skills by playing for cash in Solitaire Clash!

Real Cash Events in Solitaire Online

With Solitaire Venture, there are always more ways to earn real cash while playing solitaire online! Complete tasks to rack up more real cash rewards, maximize your earnings with an exclusive Venture Pass, earn even more through Jackpot Jumble, and see civilization unfold through Dice Odyssey! The ways to cash out with this new game are end

solitaire venture in app events

Find a New Game You'll Love

Try Bubble Venture for an immersive island-building experience like Solitaire Venture, but with a bubble-popping twist! Avia provides a variety of classic gameplay fused with real cash matches. No matter whether you are just looking to pass the time or looking to win big, the perfect new game is waiting in our app catalog! Check it out and earn real cash rewards today!

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