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8 Ball Strike:
Dominate at 8 Ball Pool in Style!

Ready to hustle the pool table and win real cash at the same time? Chalk 'em, rack 'em, and pocket 'em in 8 Ball Strike: Win Real Cash!


Challenge yourself and other players to rack up the highest score, and earn the top rank to walk away with real cash prizes! Go on pocketing streaks to earn power-ups, then use them to surge ahead of the competition! Flaunt your 8 ball prowess with a variety of unique, eye-catching cues to become the envy of the online pool hall! Confidently collect your winnings through our trusted partners, including Paypal and Visa, and earn a fat stack!


Download 8 Ball Strike: Win Real Cash from the Apple or Galaxy App Stores and sweep the competition today!

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8 Ball Strike

Ready to climb the ranks of the pool hall? Learn how to play 8 ball pool and you'll be dominating the table in no time.

  • Line up the angle of the shot, then pull back on the cue stick to set the power, and boom! Pocket the ball.

  • Points earned for each ball pocketed are equal to the number on the ball multiplied by the multiplier of the pocket. The multipliers rotate around the table each time a ball is pocketed, and rotate 3 pockets when the 8 ball is pocketed!

  • You get three Cue Balls per round. So be sure to use them wisely!

  • Earn a bonus for clearing the table, as well as for time remaining on the clock!

8 ball strike pool table

How to Play 8 Ball Pool:

  • Use strategic collisions to make Trick Shots, sinking balls by bouncing them off of others.

  • Sink three balls to earn one of these Triple Shot Perks each time!

    • Get 75 extra points tacked on to your score!

    • Increase the multiplier by 10 for a single pocket!

    • Increase the multiplier by 3 for all pockets!

    • Earn an extra 33 points for each trick shot made!

    • Earn an extra 100 points for clearing the table!

    • Get an extra Cue Ball for this round!

Use your power-ups wisely to earn high scores and snag sweet cash prizes!

8 ball strike power ups

Explore the Best 8 Ball Game

8 Ball Strike: Win Real Cash blends original pool gameplay with real cash rewards, allowing you to hustle the competition like in a real pool hall! Go head-to-head in matches of up to 8 people, and outmaneuver your opponents to win the cash prize pool! Take advantage of Coin Matches to warm up your 8 ball game, then play in Cash Matches to rake in those winnings!

8 Ball Strike also hosts a variety of other events, providing even more opportunities for you to walk away with a fat stack! Bet on the horses in Derby Dash, reel in big fish in Net Fishing, or trot the globe in Passport Puzzler! Other events, such as the Battle Pass and Emerald Race, offer extra cash rewards for a limited time! In 8 Ball Strike: Win Real Cash, you'll never run out of ways to make money and have fun!

8 ball strike daily events

Cues for Online 8 Ball

Make your entrance on the virtual felt with 8 Ball Strike: Win Real Cash's collection of exquisite custom cues! Each of these is crafted with intricate detail, shimmering with stunning animations! Commemorate the Year of the Dragon with the Dragon Cue! With a mystical dragon guardian to bless your shots, you're sure to sink more balls than ever. Tap into the luck of the Emerald Isles with the Celtic Cue! This cue, carved from the wood of the Tree of Life, is embued with all the might of the Ancient Celts. Sweep back the sands of time with the Pharaoh's Cue! Uncovered from an ancient ruin, this cue simmers with the grandeur of the Ancient Egyptians! With dozens of cues to choose from, and more being added all the time, you're sure to find one that matches your online 8 ball play style!

collect all cues

8 Ball Pool Game and Other Games

To enjoy turn-based pool shooting and strategic gameplay all on the same table, check out our real-time 8 ball pool game, 8 Ball Strike: Cash Pool! Avia's commitment is to providing classic gameplay fused with real cash experiences, allowing each player to become a winner! Each game offers exquisite visuals, secure cash transactions, and immersive gameplay, creating endless ways to have fun and earn money. Check out our other games today!

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