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Sailing Towards Success

Avia encourages collaboration among individuals, allowing each person to realize the potential of their respective talents through teamwork.

Every member of Avia is a steadfast sailor capable of braving the seas of life by tapping into their inner strength. When the Avia crew bands together, our ship can navigate raging storms, plow through towering waves, and reach ever-distant horizons.

sailing toward success
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Creativity, Collaboration, & Courage

Avia's employees are its greatest strength.

At Avia, respect for individuality and critical thinking allows each person to unleash their full creative potential.

Through unity, Avia has gradually grown from a humble rowboat to a mighty galleon, proven to crest each wave and create our own current of success. A snapshot of any point of this voyage would show a united crew of hardworking and proud sailors.

Despite facing the unknown depths and torrential rain, resilience through constant problem-solving has led to continuous growth and success.

Individual talent, common cause, and forward-thinking drive Avia to realize the treasure trove of joy and success, shared by all of its crew.

Open, Transparent Communication

Teamwork is the key to our success. We believe that through collaboration and sharing experiences, we can achieve great things. While working together, we adhere to the principle of simple, transparent, and open communication, focusing on delivering tangible results. To us, simplicity and transparency are not just buzzwords, they are concepts we apply to better accomplish our goals and make work more efficient.

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Avia Life

Satisfaction, both at work and in everyday life, is a core Avia tenet. We aim to create an open and comfortable work and living situation by caring for each and every Avia team member's well-being, work-life balance, and social life.


We believe that work is more than just about completing tasks. We encourage everyone here to have fun and try new things when taking on challenges. Avia team members are passionate and find joy in creating amazing products while exploring opportunities for personal growth in the workplace.

Work-Life Balance

We consider Avia employees' physical and mental health to be our highest priority. In addition to flexible working hours, we provide a variety of wellness improvement activities and resources and encourage a healthy work-life balance.

Social Activities

We strive to keep things fun by regularly organizing social events, such as team building and celebration activities. Holidays are enjoyed by all, and there are plenty of chances to come together to keep things lively around the office.

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