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Cash Pool:
The Best Synchronous Billiard Experience!

Take your online pool game to the next level with 8 Ball Strike: Cash Pool! Dominate the billiard tables and win real cash, all while playing 1 on 1 matches against other players in real time! Dive into a more immersive billiards experience, with gameplay optimized for horizontal phone screens!


Use special cues to sink billiard balls, out-wit opponents, and walk away with real cash, just like hustling in a real pool hall! Show off your sense of style with one-of-a-kind cues that come to life with stunning animations to leave your opponents awestruck as you sweep the table! With trusted partners, like Paypal and Visa, cashing out your winnings has never been easier! Head to the Apple App Store or Samsung Galaxy Store to download 8 Ball Strike: Cash Pool today!

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Cash Pool

8 Ball Strike: Cash Pool's realistic online pool gameplay follows professional US pool rules:

  • Win the break shot by landing closer to the center of the target in Best Shot.

  • Take turns shooting in real-time with another player, all on the same billiard table.

  • Use the cue ball to knock around your object balls (either solids or stripes).

  • Be careful not to foul or scratch, which can give your opponent ball in hand.

  • Call a pocket and sink the 8 Ball after all of your other object balls to win!

Cash Pool Gameplay

How to Play Online Pool:

Use these tips to dominate your billiards games in no time!

  • Prioritize easy shots: When you see a perfect lineup to sink a ball, go for it first!

  • Plan ahead: Sometimes it's better to wait for a better angle to sink balls near the pocket!

  • Spread them out: Break up clumps of balls all in one place to make it easier to pocket them!

  • Play defensively: Place balls to make sure you don't leave your opponent with easy shots!

Cash Pool Product Collages

Rewarding 8 Ball Pool Events

Experience exciting events filled with rewards that you can use to earn even more real cash in 8 Ball Strike: Cash Pool! Claim free Coins to cover match entries in an ever-growing variety of ways like matching winning numbers in Lucky Lotto, earning Medals top the rankings in Weekly Leaderboards, and guessing correctly in round after round of Hi-Lo Hustle! You can even unlock a huge array of awesome Achievement Badges and shiny Trophies to flaunt your pool mastery. With so many extra ways to win and earn real cash, the 8 ball pool fun never ends!

Cash Pool customized experience

A Customizable Online Pool Experience

Make your mark on the virtual felt with a stunning collection of cues and table decals!

There's a cue to match every style in 8 Ball Pool, ranging from a variety of trendy cues to limited-edition holiday gear. With dozens to choose from, you're bound to find that special cue that perfectly reflects your style! Each cue is a stunning masterpiece of its own, and features unique perks that increase the rewards you receive!

This online pool game has it all! You'll also be able to earn stylish table decals, billiard tables, and interactive emotes to keep your matches interesting! Get ready to stand out as a pro in both skill and style to all you play against!

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Pool Games for Adults and Other Games

Interested in more laidback pool games for adults? Check out our other game, 8 Ball Strike: Win Real Cash for multiplayer matches, point-based gameplay, and score-boosting power-ups.


Avia offers a variety of free cash games, and is committed to providing a fair experience for everyone! Each game features beautiful visuals, creative gameplay, and secure cash transactions, meaning you have endless ways to have fun, all while earning real cash! Check out our catalog of free games today!

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