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Solitaire Clash: Champion of Free Solitaire Games

Tired of searching through the endless sea of disappointingly sub-par solitaire games? At Avia, so were we! That’s why we made Solitaire Clash, the premier free solitaire game that brings you exciting gameplay and the chance to win real money!

What makes Solitaire Clash so amazing? The seamless gameplay allows you to focus on what you want to do most—play! From the moment you open the game, you’ll be able to join matches to flex your skills and get high scores. A variety of match modes and rewarding events will keep you having non-stop fun! Best of all, you’ll experience the thrill of competing for real money and watching your balance grow with every win! With everything it offers, it’s no wonder Solitaire Clash is top-ranked in both the card and real-money categories on the App Store!!

Play Solitaire Clash free and start having a blast winning real money today! 

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Solitaire Clash

How to Play Solitaire?

With Solitaire Clash, learning how to play solitaire is simple! Follow Klondike Solitaire rules to solve the deck as quickly as possible and outscore your opponents.

  1. Stock and Waste: Draw and Flip Cards!

  • Flip through your deck 3 cards at a time. You can tap or drag cards to move them with ease!

  2. Tableau: Build Your Stacks!

  • Sort cards in alternating color and descending order (K to A) to reveal more and earn points!

  3. Foundation: Solve the Deck!

  • Create stacks of the same suit in ascending order (A to K) to complete the match with a max score!

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High Score Tips

Follow these tips master free classic solitaire and sweep the competition with ease!

  • The faster you sort the cards, the higher your Time Bonus!

  • Not all decks can be solved. If you run out of moves, end the match early to earn a bigger Time Bonus!

  • Think ahead! Plan your moves to uncover cards in the Stock and Tableau that you'll need to keep going.

  • Tap the Undo button to take back a move with no penalty! You can use it once per move.

  • Choose the color of King that can be used to sort more cards when filling an empty Tableau space.

Ready to start stacking cards and cash? Get some practice in with free matches, then test your skills by playing for cash in Solitaire Clash!

Play the Best Free Solitaire Game

The endless events and reward features are one-way Solitaire Clash stands out as the best free solitaire game. Dive into its collection of minigames—from horse racing in Derby Dash, hitting the jackpot in Sweet Blast, snagging catches in Net Fishing, to traveling the world in Passport Puzzler.


Special events like Touchdown Trials and Battle pass also offer even more ways to earn rewards!


Are you ready for an experience beyond a free classic solitaire game? Explore now to find plenty of surprises (and an adorable cast of animal characters, too!)

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Avia offers more than just Solitaire! Avia is committed to providing a variety of fair, free cash games for everyone, so no matter whether you are just looking to pass the time or playing to win big, you'll surely find the perfect game for you in our fantastic app catalog!

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