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Pocket7Games Opens Season Pass To All Its Apps

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Explore AviaGames' latest feature, the Season Pass, available across all its apps. Dive into tasks, pass points, and exclusive membership perks!

season pass

Good news Pocket7 fans! Pocket7Games just introduced a brand-new feature: The Season Pass. A new addition to the evergrowing golden pot of bonus features for our cash game app and bingo app. With this, you have an exciting way to earn more rewards, tickets, and exclusive items across all these game apps. Here's everything you need to know.

Earn More Bonuses With Season Pass

The seasonal passes are designed as a permanent event that revolves around "Tasks" and "Pass" as its core gameplay mechanisms. You can access it either from the "Rewards" tab on the top or a notification pop-up on the screen after you log in. This pass is available for Pocket7Games and Bingo Clash apps. Here's a breakdown of what you can expect:

1. 28-day Cycle

The pass operates on a 28-day cycle, completing one season. The current season is titled "SUMMER SPLASH". Soon, there will be different themes for every seasonal pass. So, stay tuned!

2. Event Duration

Once a player activates the seasons pass event, its duration aligns with the remaining days of the season. So, if you start on day 7, your event duration is 21 days.

3. Tasks Mode

The Tasks Mode is categorized into:

  • Exclusive Tasks: Specific tasks that are unique.

  • Repeat Tasks: Tasks that can be done multiple times. They refresh every 24 hours.

  • Weekly Tasks: These tasks are refreshed every 7 days, starting from the player's activation date. However, if less than 1 hour remains in the season, new weekly tasks won't appear and their section will be hidden.

4. Pass Point System

This system includes two types of season ticket pass:

  • Free Pass: Allows players to earn rewards simply by leveling up their Pass, with no extra charges.

  • Gold Pass: Upon activation (which requires a recharge), players can earn premium rewards by leveling up. Additionally, reaching the highest level grants access to an Encore Prize.

5. Task Types

There are three main categories of tasks:

  • Normal Tasks: Visible and available to all players.

  • Gold Pass Tasks: Visible to all but only accessible to those who've activated Gold Pass.

  • VIP Tasks: Exclusively visible and available to VIP players.

6. Reward System

The reward screen displays a progress meter. The left shows Free Pass rewards and on the right, Gold Pass rewards.

  • Players earn rewards by accumulating Pass Points and leveling up their Pass.

  • Activating the Gold Pass requires a recharge, after which players can claim all the Gold Pass rewards they've unlocked.

  • The Encore Prize comes into play when a player reaches the highest Pass level, unlocking all Free Pass and Gold Pass rewards. After doing this for the first time, they get a single spin. Though the Pass level won't increase beyond this point, players can still complete tasks to accumulate more Pass Points and earn additional spins.


Pocket7Games continues to innovate by bringing engaging features that cater to the needs of its players. The introduction of this epic season pass provides a more structured and rewarding gameplay experience across all its money games and bingo games. Whether you're a casual player or a VIP, this pass will give you tons of benefits and bonus items. Dive in, complete tasks, level up, and earn some fabulous rewards!



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