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Play Free Puzzle Games For Bonus Cash

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Explore the world virtually by playing free puzzle games with Passport Puzzler. Fly to destinations, uncover hidden items, and win bonus cash!

free puzzle games

The age-old saying says, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." But in the modern digital age, we can definitely say, "Play and earn some cash on the side." With the rise of cash app games, a new trend has emerged where players can not only enjoy the thrill of gaming but also earn a few extra bucks. One such game is the Passport Puzzler, a bonus game where you can play free puzzle games to earn bonus cash on top of your earnings from AviaGames' Bingo Tour and Solitaire Clash apps. As you play Passport Puzzler, you are instantly transported to various destinations across the globe, hence the "passport" in its name. Every location in the game is exquisitely crafted, letting you deeply engage with the visuals of the place you will be exploring.

Passport Puzzler: Play Free Puzzle Games

This puzzle game is the newest offering from our bingo app and solitaire app. It's available for a limited time only. So, seize the chance now to earn more rewards from our games. Double the fun, double the prizes! Here's how to play Passport Puzzler:

1. Download our Game Apps

Download the Bingo Tour and Solitaire Clash apps now to access these free online puzzle games. This is a bonus game within these apps, so you can only play it by opening one of these two games.

2. Pick a Destination

The free puzzle online has three primary destinations to choose from: Mexico, Japan, and France. Select your preferred country and fly to your destination.

3. Play the Puzzle

After choosing your destination, a puzzle will appear. This puzzle has hidden items underneath. Begin your adventure by revealing a puzzle piece.

4. Discover Hidden Treasures

Each puzzle piece you uncover might reveal a hidden item unique to the chosen destination. The objective is to find all these treasures to move to the next level.

5. Use Power-ups

Need a helping hand? Use the "fan" power-up to blow away several puzzle pieces at the same time, revealing hidden items faster. Use this power-up wisely to your advantage.

6. Win Exciting Prizes

For each hidden item you discover, there are gems and cash bonuses that await. These rewards can be used to explore new places, buy more power-ups, or even climb the leaderboard.

7. Unlock New Adventures

Once you find all the items at your first destination, you will receive bigger bonuses, and the door to a new destination opens up.

8. Extend Your Travels

Eager for more? Purchase flights within the game to unlock more destinations. More destinations, more winnings!


To wrap it all up, Passport Puzzler is more than just a free puzzle game. It's a bridge between your love for travel and your love for puzzles. Its attractive graphics, engaging gameplay, and the thrill of winning combined make it an irresistible pastime. Who would've thought that by playing free online puzzle games, you'd get to earn bonus cash? What are you waiting for? Download our bingo app and solitaire app now to play the puzzle from the comfort of your couch. Fly to your desired destination, and let the adventures begin!



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